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ARKIT has professional experience installation team to help keep your system running smoothly. Automation services include:

  1. PLC Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  2. Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Installation
  3. DCS System Installation and Maintenance
  4. T-Box Installation ,Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  5. SCADA System Installation & Monitoring
  6. Single Layer & Multi-Layer PCB fabrication.
  7. Design and Development services
  8. Flexible PCB fabrication.
  9. System Monitoring
  10. HMI Installation & Designing
  11. Circuit Design
  12. Component Level PCB Repair.
  13. Elevator PCB’s Repair and Maintenance
  14. Escalator PCB’s Repair and Maintenance
  15. HVAC PCB’s Repair and Maintenance
  16. Cranes & Heavy Equipment Safety Systems (SLI/LMI)
  17. Safe Load Indicators
  18. Load Monitoring Systems
  19. Anti Collision Systems
  20. Tower Cranes Electronic Cards Repair.


Best Quality has professional experience installation team to help keep your
electrical devices running smoothly. We offer the highest quality customer service which includes Troubleshooting and installation of:


  1. Generator Paralleling
  2. Generator Synchronization
  3. Marine Generator Synchronization
  4. Generator Voltage Regulator
  5. Automatic Transfer switch
  6. Speed governor
  7. Generator Controllers
  8. Remote Start
  9. ECU
  10. Generator Battery Charger
  11. AVR3 Phase Load Banks
  12. ATS/AMF Controllers & panels
  13. LCD, LED & HMI Displays.
  14. Variable Frequency Drives
  15. Analytical Instruments



There are a various problems that can occur mechanically with your devices / equipment, and best quality has the proper equipment and experience to locate, repair and replace the issue quickly and effectively . The services are: 

  1. Diesel Generators Maintenance
  2. Marine Generators Maintenance
  3. Diesel Engines Maintenance
  4. Diesel Engine Overhauling
  5. Motor Rewinding
  6. Generator Rewinding



When it comes to commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC),ARKIT is expert in providing HVAC facilities to, small , mid-sized businesses, large buildings, municipalities, and restaurants. We also served in Data Centers of IT Sectors and Bank. Our services include:

  1. Cooling system installation & repair
  2. Ductwork installation & repair
  3. Exhaust hood installation, repair & maintenance
  4. Heating system installation & repair
  5. Duct Cleaning services
  6. Exhaust hood system repairs
  7. Belt, motor & bearing repairs
  8. Grease filter installation, Cleaning & troubleshooting


We are proud to have carried out projects for a large number of clients in Qatar, which include hotels, banks, business centers, commercial shopping complexes, and a number of private properties.our services include:

  1. All types of Building MEP Maintenance
  2. Architectural Finishes & Landscaping.
  3. Fabrication of Porta Cabins and Caravans.
  4. Fabrication of Steel Gates and Canopies
  5. Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Designing and Finishing
  6. Gypsum, Partitions & Carpentry services
  7. Fencing and Boundary wall Installation
  8. Fixing Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary wares and Plumbing.
  9. Raised Floors, Pavement & Interlocks.
  10. Painting Work and Welding.
  11. Prefabricated portable buildings or Porta cabins
  12. Gypsum ceiling and gypsum wall Decorations